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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 21, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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years ago today. and o'reilly was there. don't tell him i said that is he very busy getting makeup and things at this moment. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on, tonight. >> you are trying to insinuate i'm a racist here which is what msnbc does to conservatives every single day. >> bill: more evidence that the liberal media is viciously trying to brand people who disagree with their viewpoint racist and awful people. we will show you what happened yesterday. >> nothing is easier than solving a problem on the backs of people who are poor. >> bill: president obama continues his nationwide campaign to redistribute income to americans who have less. laura ingraham has some thoughts. perhaps, the dumbest court ruling in american history.
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the high court in massachusetts tells cops you can't pull over drivers who are smoking pot. unbelievable. >> do you have any narcotics or marijuana in here? >> not anymore. [coughing] >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ captions by closed captioning services >> bill: i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. president obama, and rendering to the poor. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. on this holy thursday it is fitting that president obama continues his campaign to urge americans to give to the poor. the problem is the president is not asking for voluntary charity. he wants to mandate it through higher taxes on the wealthy. also, he doesn't much want to cut entitlement spending, which is why he is going coast to coast saying things like this about republicans. >> their basic view is that no
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matter how successful i am, no matter how much i have taken from this country, that somehow i now have no obligation to people who are less fortunate to me. the last point i will make is this. nothing is easier than solving a problem on the backs of people who are poor. >> bill: talking points does not believe that cutting federal spending is breaking the backs of the poor. quite the contrary. if the president continues racking up debt, all of our backs will be broken because the american economy will collapse. but there is merit, if there is merit in mr. obama's theme that a just society should help the down trodden. what has made made great. for some reason some of us fall down and a helping hand is necessary in a fair society. many social justice programs do not work and we have lost trillions of dollars trying to
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force feed pardon the pun folks who are not doing well. americans are the most generous people in the world. studies show conservative americans give more to charity than liberals. it's unfair for the president to label the republicans and conservatives as uncaring. that's not true. the president should get off it with all due respect. massive budget cutting while instituting smart programs. one vivid example. education. the feds pour billions into the classroom. much is wasted on touchy feely programs that do little. every public school kid in a uniform. strict code of behavior on school grounds. mandated test scores for every grade, and special help programs for kids who fall behind or have learning disabilities. now, those ideas don't cost a ton of money. discipline is free. taking political correctness out of the system free. so there you go. i just saved the country a trillion dollars. smart policy, not lavish spending is the key to america's
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future success. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. fox news analyst and radio talk show star laura ingraham. what do you personally owe poor americans? >> well, my christian views impell me and compel me to contribute. and that means all the things that i do. i don't think it's appropriate for me to talk about it but some of the stuff that's on my web site, wounded warrior, fisher house, bill i know you do stuff for those, little sisters of the poor. those groups really help people in a way that as an individual i can't do. i give money to those groups to help them. that's very different, of course, than the government telling us that we must give a portion of our income for programs that, as you pointed out, just factually don't work and haven't worked. in fact, they are bankrupt. there are two different duties, a personal one and then an instance where the government says well, we think you have done pretty well, we think you
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have enough money and it's time to give that up. two different paths. >> bill: mr. obama's argument, and it is a powerful argument to a lot of people, no doubt. look at the polls, most americans by a pretty good majority want the rich to pay more in taxes. so, his argument is resonating. now, he basically says, look, you in america who have made it, that would be you. that would be me. that would be him, because we have set up this structure to allow you to prosper,. >> he didn't set up anything. okay? >> bill: we have the right. this is what president obama actually believes. >> it's offensive, bill. >> bill: the right to come in and demand a certain amount back from you. where is that wrong philosophically. >> here's the duty, okay? in addition to our christian duty for christians, this is other duty. to advocate for policies that help america avert falling into a permanent state of decline because america in decline is going to be really bad,
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especially for poor people. america getting stronger, america becoming more prosperous is an america that gives people across the board a shot, a shot at wealth, a shot at leading a better life for their children. that is another duty have. that's what i try to do every day on the radio when i come talk to you and on fox. those are two different ways we can achieve that. what we know now, bill, is that america pretty much every well informed economist believes that america right now things don't change is in state of decline. china is obviously growing more powerful as is india and other countries. we know in venezuela they have very aggressive redistributive policy in place. we know venezuela is doing -- enormous amount of problems and that the poor are getting poorer. >> shepard: cuba is the best example of forcing people who all be the same and then the same means you have nothing. >> hey, bill? can we talk about president obama's duty though? i was thinking about this on the way over. >> bill: i want to make one point and get into that.
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i would be remiss if i say that both the muslim religion and jewish religion do require to give money. >> you asked me personally. >> bill: i framed it about holy thursday, too. i just wanted to say that president obama's duty is? >> well, the country is in real trouble. and i was thinking about you guys and how you put on your show every day. i was thinking of all the time that goes into putting the show on. it's a lot of people and a lot of time. it's really hard work. i think your staff puts in more time putting out "the o'reilly factor" with you every day than this president spends focusing on how to grow this country more prosperous. how to make sure we are out of debt. how to cut spending and get this country going again. is he out in facebook. he is having a good time there. jamie foxx tonight in l.a. at the sony lot. he is raising a lot of money and doing a lot of speeches which, basically, call people like paul ryan encourage just and kind of weak. i don't see the sense of urgency
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within this administration to fix what is a country that is going down the tubes if we don't stop it. i don't see that sense of urgency. if this is a company, bill, i'm thinking of bp. remember when tony hayward was on the sailboat during the crisis last year and he ended up getting canned, right? because he didn't have a sense of seriousness, at least it didn't look like it. i think to the country barack obama is not exuding that sense of leadership and a really tough and serious focused approach to the problems at hand. he is acting like a -- >> bill: i can't argue with that because number one mr. obama slipped out of his role into the chief executive of the country and slipped into the role as a candidate. >> campaigner in chief. >> bill: i think you can do both run the country and campaign at the same time. you can. there is no urgency from the president, none, about cutting the massive debt. there just simply isn't, because every challenge that comes down the road to cutting is opposed by his party. now, he doesn't challenge every
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one but his party certainly does. his party doesn't want to cut anything, anything, zero. they want to increase spending next year. that's what the democratic party wanted to do. >> people who actually have ideas whether his own bipartisan debt commission or paul ryan are either dismissed all together and he doesn't pay attention to anything they say or kind cruel-hearted, encourage just and basically throwing grandma to the side of the road. i just don't think that's serious. he might be the nicest guy ever but it's not serious. >> bill: we will see. that's for sure. his poll numbers aren't good on. this happy easter. >> bill: thank you as always. next on the run down glenn beck on the media branding as racist. cosmetic surgery on her ears to improve her appearance. culture warriors are on it coming right back. i'm a hot babe out jogging.
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think of that. >> it's deplorable. it's reprehensible. you are trying to insinuate that i'm a racist here. which is what msnbc does to conservatives every single day. the entire context of this conversation is what the naacp and what the democratic party has been doing to the tea party for the last year. >> this guy -- >> bill: relax. so does mr. breitbart have a point? here now, the aforementioned glenn beck. you couldn't wait. >> i thought we were having a conversation. i forgot. >> bill: it's outrageous. >> breitbart is absolutely fearless. he is a little like you. walks right into the lion's den. you are like what are you doing here? what's going on? >> bill: i don't know if that's a smart thing to do because you don't really convert many people over there. but, let's just deal with the -- you invite a guy on. breitbart you can talk about his web site all day long. he has a long history. bring in something he has nothing to do with. >> not even talking about.
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look, that photo reprehensible. everybody knows it's reprehensible. >> bill: why would you even pose the question? >> yet, why are you not talking about real things that are going on? if you want to bring real things that are going on. >> bill: that's my point. breitbart -- but, look, this goes to trying to humiliate conservatives. it's trying to attack them and brand them and breitbart had it. he got teed off. what do i have to do with this? what are you throwing this at me for? >> this is why i think this whole thing is just not going to stand. you know, this -- like msnbc, i mean, how long does that stay in business like that? >> bill: i don't know. the ratings are abysmal. i don't know how they go. comcast is a good company. i don't know how long they go. now, i heard a rumor that you were praising me on your radio program. >> that's not true.
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>> bill: that couldn't possibly be. >> you are right. wasn't true at all. >> bill: trashing me as usual? >> what could i possibly? >> bill: the economy? >> oh, america. i'm on tour last week. i'm out in the hinderlands. i walk off stage. i think i was in north carolina. i walk off stage. it's like 11:00 at night. somebody hands me a piece of paper and says you have to read mr. o'reilly's talking points. and i read mr. o'reilly's talking points. and they say -- are you ready for this? i think there is a chance that these people are actually trying to destroy our economy. >> bill: soros and his merry men. krugman. >> give me a hug. hug me. hug me. no i will shoot you. >> i am going to hug him later. >> bill: now, you and i have debated this and, you know, when you get to a point where a 14-plus trillion-dollar deficit then you have people saying no like soros said, we couldn't
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have more debt than a good economy. okay, look. it's beyond any kind of -- i do believe that there are elements, soros, krugman, people like that who want to destroy the economy so they can build up a socialistic system. >> ben bernanke is one of the smartest guys. we did a whole hour on tonight's show at 5:00 on the fed. ben bernanke, brilliant guy, right? yep. it's not working. couey 1. 2, stimulus. tarp, is it t. doesn't work. in the last eight years your dollar has lost 20% in value. do you have the chart of oil? look at this chart of oil. okay. the dollar is the green. oil, the price of oil is the red. it's almost a mirror image. what happens is the dollar is pegged or the oil is pegged to the dollar. so as they devalue our dollar, the price of oil goes up. >> bill: right because they want more dollars to get more buying power, the sheiks and cartels. >> yes. it doesn't work for us.
8:17 pm
it doesn't work for the american people. >> bill: okay. but bernanke has to basically keep interest rates low to hope that the consumer drivers the economy up you. >> everyone around the world says we are insane for what we are doing. we are potentially. >> bill: i'm not going to go that far. [ laughter ] >> all i'm asking you to say is maybe the fed doesn't have our best interest at heart. >> bill: i'm not going to do that because i'm not sure about that. >> let me ask you this, they are a private corporation, right? >> bill: yeah. >> everybody is shouting about corporations and banks. they there are a private corporation of banks that we don't know who they are. >> bill: that the government hires to try to make sure that the currency -- >> -- the government hires, really? you know this as well as i do. the fed chair -- the president walks in and says fed chair here are your three choices mr. president, this little big, this little pig and this little pig. i want this one over here. no, it's this one.
8:18 pm
>> bill: they are independent. i don't see them in some kind of collusion to damage the american economy, the fed. i just don't see it give me time here. >> we got -- >> bill: i go as far as the evidence takes me. one good knows though that obama told holder, the attorney general to start investigating some of these speculators who are manipulating the prices. >> speculators you mean people like. >> bill: speculators. >> you mean like hedge funds. >> bill: soros, investigate him. >> they are going right after soros. mark my word. >> bill: speculators are completely unregulated. >> why are they completely unregulated? why? >> bill: i don't know. they should be regulated and perhaps they will be. there is glenn beck, everybody. >> bunny rabbit. >> bill: we do agree. directly ahead, massachusetts tells its cops don't bother people smoking pot in heir cars, don't bother them. later, did you know charlie sheen is a birther? wait until you hear this
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight, the highest court in massachusetts has ruled 5 to 1 that bay state police officers should not bother drivers even if they smell marijuana in a parked car. on paper, that looks like one of the dumbest rulings in history. do these judges not know that thousands of americans are killed every year in dui accidents? joining us now from boston to debate this. wendy murphy also an attorney. wendy, there has got to be something more to this, right? the judges on the bay state's highest court saying go ahead and smoke marijuana in your car
8:23 pm
drive around and have a good time. >> that is the gist of the ruling if you ask me. the dissent is really quite good. it makes a lot of sense and i think the majority decision gets it all wrong. but, the problem is massachusetts voters chose to decriminalize the possession of a small amount of marijuana. the argument was if it's not a crime, then you have got to let people do it. got to leave them alone if they are doing it in their car. the only evidence the cops have is smell. >> bill: that doesn't hold up because it's intoxicant. pot is intoxicant and dui is driving under the influence. not just of alcohol. >> not only that, bill, it's still illegal, so they didn't make it a non--it's still illegal. >> bill: i'm trying to go along the lines counselor nathan, i'm trying to go along the lines here. their duty is to promote a just society and when you have thousands of americans dead, i don't know how many in massachusetts but it's got to be in the hundreds from dui, why would you encourage di?
8:24 pm
>> this case wasn't about dui. >> bill: no, no, no. i know that but it's logical to think if you are going to tell the cops back off from anybody who is smoking pot in a car, it's logical because they have got to get the car some place. are they smoking pot in their garage? >> this case pertained to the rights of a passenger being stopped by the police and then ordered out of a stopped motor vehicle, bill the analysis pertained to what are the rights of the police to order a passenger to get out of a car. >> number one, you can't order a passenger out of a car that's driving because you will kill him. okay? so that goes off the board. number two, if you have a alcohol, if you have an open can of alcohol in the car, that's a crime. so now you are telling the cops, hey, grab the beer but let the doobie go.
8:25 pm
let the guy do whatever he wants. you can't assume. can you get a contact high in a car by marijuana smoke. i don't know whether you know that or not, but you should if you live in boston. >> well, i know a lot and i know that the motor vehicle laws throughout the country have been severely weakened by judges that are influenced improperly so, that are elected by campaign-related issues. you seem to be campaigning here, bill. my point is this. the passenger on a motor vehicle in order to be ordered out of a car, the police have to have a specific articulable facts to warrant that. >> bill: he is smoking marijuana. that's what the fact is. >> it's a civil infraction in massachusetts, bill. it's a $100 fine. >> bill: he is in the car. he could be intoxicated, let him walk the line. they have a line you walk. okay? >> not in massachusetts. >> bill: i can't believe that you are comfortable having people drive on a mass turnpike
8:26 pm
stoned. do you think that's great? >> i think it's an individual's right to decide. >> bill: an individual's right to be stoned on a highway when you are going 880. that's their right to do that? well, what's your right when you get whacked by that guy and you are dead? >> i'm not worried about what happens to somebody else. >> bill: bill you are not worried. i'm worried. >> i'm worried about the police intrusion on my civil liberties. that's what i'm worried about. >> bill: i get it wenty. i'm sorry. i have to apologize to the audience. i get it it's our right to be stoned and drive a vehicle. wendy, go. >> sure. arrested for it. >> no, look it. and the bottom line is there is no such right. but, prior to this decision, if cops smelled pot, they could do two things which was important for investigative and safety reasons. public safety and the cop's safety. they could search the vehicle and they could ask you to get out of the car so they could check out whether you were wasted. okay? >> bill: that's right.
8:27 pm
if the cop smells alcohol on your breath, they can take you out of the car and give you a breathalyzer. >> right. that's exactly right. they should be able to be. >> bill: can't do that if you are stoned. >> not anymore. they should be able to do it even more so with pot because pot is still illegal. here is an interesting issue. even in oregon where they still wear, you know, bell bottoms and tied died shorts and love beads. that court pot decriminalized too. are you kidding me? we still have to let cops deal with this issue. >> bill: people in oregon not all walking around looking like cheech and chong. >> they have a better appellate court. >> bill: i know you a civil libertarian. you knew you were going to take heat on this. i appreciate you coming on. wendy, as always. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. did you know charlie sheen is a birther? does charlie sheen even know he is? we will take a look at another situation. parents of a 7-year-old girl get her cot met particular cosmetic
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>> bill: tonight we gain brand new feature called from the gut. fox news program red eye anchored by greg gutfeld who have you seen on the dumbest things of the week. we are giving gutfeld his own platform probably a major mistake. here he is what we are going to do every week here is your show, you talk about a whole bunch of stuff. >> right. >> bill: a plethora of stuff. we are going it choose five topics, rapid fire why you think it's important. the first one is nancy pelosi, former speaker of the house saying elections shouldn't matter as much. >> this is great. this was in tubs university a couple of weeks ago. basically what she is saying two parties one too many. if anybody thinks the same way we don't need elections. she wants ideology as rigid as her face. >> bill: telling the gifts up in boston because that's where
8:32 pm
tufts is. these elections let's not be. that was reaction to election last november. >> remember when you were playing ping-pong with your parents or dad and he was beating the out of you. let's not keep score. if she was winning elections. >> bill: if she loses it doesn't matter. >> yeah. >> bill: i like that philosophy. charlie sheen is a birther. are you kidding me. >> last tuesday night in d.c. i guess because he was in d.c. he wanted to be political. in some polls he was leading obama. i won't use the actual phrase at least he was born here and he didn't photo shop his birth certificate or something like that. the thing is i was on the fence about obama not being born here but now i'm convinced he definitely was born in kenya. >> bill: charlie sheen is questioning it? >> charlie sheen questioning it. >> bill: why would charlie sheen take a shot at barack obama. >> he is running out of things to say. that's what's happening.
8:33 pm
when he stops talking people get bored. i think this is it. they were still leaving the auditorium while he was talking. >> bill: all right. the third one is charles charles manson. he is in jail for life out in california. very worried about global warming. my question first of all is how would he know? he is in jail. >> that's a good point. i don't know. maybe he just cares. maybe he just cares. it's been 20 years since he did an actual interview. for vanity fair spain. >> bill: vanity fair spain. >> this is how smart man son is. to get to the heart of an editor talk about climate change and new respect. he may be a mass murderer but he cares about the environment. >> bill: vanity fair spain not u.s.a. >> he said we were butchering the trees. not a good word for a mass murderer. >> bill: is he concerned. >> we are poisoning the planet. i for one am ashamed. he got to me.
8:34 pm
>> bill: charles manson. maybe he could join up with al gore -- no, that probably wouldn't work. all right. real fast on chinese are banning time travel tv. i don't even know what time travel tv is. >> this is one of the biggest stories of the year and no one is talking about it. the chinese state administration for tv and radio, they are banning time travel plots because they lack a positive thought. positive thoughts meaning. >> bill: what is time travel tv. >> i think they have a soap opera. i don't remember what it's called. in it major plot is traveling back and forth. the problem is it's beating state run tv. >> bill: you go back to say that roman times or -- >> -- i think you go back to china when -- >> bill: and clins government doesn't want you to go back. >> beating the regular programming. that's what it's about. they don't have the guts to admit it. >> bill: finally in sri lanka. a place you are well acquainted with. >> i go there for vacations. >> bill: there is a bra controversy, right.
8:35 pm
>> martha spencer has made a bra that helps save the environment. for every bra that's made there is like a tree is planted. it's called carbon off sets. we know that's a sam. my feeling is if you need to plant trees to off set this bra, don't make the bra. isn't that better for the environment. although i love the pictures. >> bill: they make the bra in sri lanka and import it to mark and spencers in london. congratulations on buying the bra we just planted three trees. i think charles manson may be ordering some. >> carbon neutral underwear. i actually own a pair. >> bill: there it is from the gut greg gutfeld, thank you. culture warriors on a 7-year-old girl getting cosmetic surgery. new york state trying to crack down on kick ball and other vicious games. i'm not kidding. the warriors are next. i'm gonna take allison jenkins to the senior prom
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the culture warrior seeing many tonight. the state of new york issuing playground rules for day camps. kick ball, dodge ball, under fire along with a whole bunch of other stuff. here now fox news analyst margaret hoover and "fox & friends" gal gretchen carlson. carlson, this has been floating around for a while. the state of new york, nanny state, trying to protect the children from kick ball? >> it's a 2009 law, basically what it says is that programs that offer any recreational activity that is deemed significant risk of injury would then have to be an official summer camp and subject to state regulation. which would mean having medical staff on hand at these camps and $200 registration fee. some of those activities that were on the list, dodge ball, flag kick ball. tag. red rover. >> bill: tag? >> you wonder why american children are having obesity problem. >> bill: chubby. they can't do anything. it's dangerous. >> they want to regulate what
8:40 pm
you are eating and kill the obesity problem at the same time they are not allowed to exercise. you are not allowed to play red rover and not allowed to play capture the flag. >> bill: did you ever hear of the game called where you destroy everyone? it was just blood everywhere? that is what we played. >> how did you destroy them? >> bill: you ran into each other. >> bumper cars but people. >> that was on this list. >> bill: the state has now backed away from it because it was a public outcry if you can't play kick ball and tag it's insane. >> i'm surprised by that because i think governor cuomo stepped in on this. >> bill: he stepped in. >> he did. our government is so p.c. i'm surprised they reversed it. he said he grew up in queens playing these types of games and kids should be allowed to get them. >> bill: did you get the clever pun? she did. let's move ahead to. this is a interesting story
8:41 pm
7-year-old girl getting bull idea because of her ears. let's put the picture up of the little girl. her mother and father basically say we can't have the kid's ears sticking out like this. so we are going to get her cosmetic surgery. do i have it right, hoover. >> almost. what happened she was getting made fun a lot. a charity paid for her little baby face foundation. what they do is pay for children with severe abnormalities to have. >> bill: do you consider that a severe abnormality. >> it is abnormal enough to affect the development of her sense of self-and herself esteem. >> bill: yeah. would you say so? >> i agree with this. listen, bully something a huge problem whether or not you have figures or not? kids are being bullied because they're the youngest in the class or short. it's happening at schools. and for things that you can't change, i say go ahead then and change the things that you can change. >> bill: both of you would have done it to your 7-year-old daughter if she was in the same
8:42 pm
spot. >> if she wanted to. this girl very clearly wanted to. there is a different like cosmetic. >> bill: pretty girl. look at the surgery you can see it worked. all on board that's not a problem. all right. finally, there is a -- there is a million of these dating web sites. one of them in particular is raising ire because you actually bid and pay money to go out with women. right, carlson? is this what it. >> listen, the guy signed up as generous category. sexist on its face. women sign up as attractive. they put bids on how much it will cost to you go on a date with a particular -- this is prosecution. this is total prosecution. >> bill: let's get this straight though. so women sign up and then they get a cut on what's bid on them? >> no. it's a little bit different. men or women can be generous and men or women can pay for dates. i grant you it's mostly women who are getting paid for the dates. i actually think this is a funny twist on or j date. >> do you? >> you have got all these guys for the reason they go on these
8:43 pm
sites is to get dates. spend time emailing trying to get dates. they spend the money but never get the dates. >> they actually bid on the woman. >> they don't bid on the woman. they arrange to go on a date and pay for it. >> bill: who do they pay. >> they pay the woman or the man whoever it is. it's for the date not for sex. >> bill: what does the web site get out of it? >> probably get a cut of whatever the cost. >> bill: want to go out with either of you two cost like $10,000? >> have to see what we're worth in the marketplace. >> bill: hypothetically, carlson, calm down. so good-looking women are going to get a bundle of money from guys who just want to be in their presence. >> listen. >> bill: why do they do it? they want money. what's the matter with you. >> these are the exact opposite lessons i'm teaching my children as a parent. >> bill: what are you little bo beep? why do they do it he? want money. >> you keep calling me that. >> bill: there is sheep out in the green room because naive question. >> for $100 you are going to go
8:44 pm
out for $3 with a geek. >> bill: $100 is that the bid are. >> average price 100 bucks. >> bill: i don't know. i don't go on these dopey things. i don't know what's going on. >> accuse me of not knowing about them. >> bill: i don't think it's prostitution for 20 bucks. >> i do. >> bill: really? >> why do they involve money? >> bill: because they can. >> i say it's silly. >> bill: i think everybody should be very cautious about these web sites in general. ladies, thanks very much. we appreciate it in a moment, donald trump, jesse jackson jr. and martha maccallum all in the great american news quiz moments away. [ male announcer ] sitting, waiting, hoping. that's not how successful investing is done. at e-trade it's harnessing some of the most powerful yet easy to use trading tools on the planet to help diversify,
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identify opportunities, take action. it's using professional grade research and your brain to seek maximum returns to reach your goals. it's investing with intelligence and cold hard conviction. you made the money. you should have everything you need to invest it. e-trade. investing unleashed.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, the great american news quiz, here they
8:48 pm
are, the quiz kids for this evening, fox business anchor dagen mcdowell in for martha maccallum. dagen is playing for rick john who lives in new york, out on long island. and "fox & friends" guy steve doocy representing donna thompson from irvine, texas where the cowboys play. you ready mcdowell? i'm sorry you have to sit so close to doocy. small set. >> hey, hey, hey. >> bill: if you would like to win some great prize goes to bill o' and sign up. now here is question number one, get it up on the teleprompter i can read it donald trump is going well in the g.o.p. polls but a lot of conservative intellectuals think it might be bad for the party. charles krauthammer compared trump to what left wing figure? >> then there is trump. trump is the al sharpton of the
8:49 pm
republican party. provocateur and clown, unserious, is he going to harm the party if he runs for the same reason that sharpton harmed the democrats. >> bill: we're trying to get krauthammer to be more frank. not easy with the doctor. a little shy. both got that right. good start, dagen. >> i didn't get all of them wrong. >> bill: calm down a little bit. california assembly gay history be taught to the public schools educational system. >> required study of gay history in california public schools is getting support tonight from the state senate. in a 23-14 sloot the lawmakers want to make gay history part of the social studies curriculum. >> bill: what other state has passed a similar law? cards up, please. the answer is number d. mcdowell scores. one ahead.
8:50 pm
>> i figured that massachusetts had. >> bill: if you are beaten by a substitute, doocy. here is question number three. congressman jesse jackson jr. raised some eyebrows here recently during a speech on the house floor. who or what did jackson blame for killing american jobs? >> a few short weeks ago i came to the house floor after having purchased an ipad and i said that i happen to believe, mr. speaker, that at some point in time this new device, which is now probably responsible for eliminating thousand of american jobs now borders is closing stores because why do you need to go to borders anymore? >> bill: i don't know. but both of you were right. okay? so it's still mcdowell up by 1. by the way we are giving away five ipad iis in honor of jesse jackson beginning on
8:51 pm
monday. >> do we get anything if we win? no you get to come back next week. more than enough for you. >> do i get to come? >> bill: on monday martha maccallum and i got into a huge tiff about the royal wedding. >> peasants do not -- with the royal family. >> bill: how they got all their castles? they stole them. >> i'm not sitting here sitting. they pillaged the people of scotland. i'm not here sticking up for the british army over the course of history. >> bill: this would be like us in america celebrating the wedding of al capone's great great great great granddaughter because he stole all the money. come on. [ laughter ] all right, the wedding reception will be held next week, the reception at buckingham palace but you where in london will the actual ceremony take place? cards up, please. where is the wedding going to take place in the answer is westminster abbey.
8:52 pm
mcdowell four for four on fire. you lead with one with one to go. >> i'm a chick, if i got that wrong, i lose my card. >> bill: if you didn't know where they were going to get married. you would have to turn in your women card. [ laughter ] >> bill: question number five birthers were angry this week at republican governor jan brewer of arizona vetoed a bill that would force presidential candidate to show a long form birth certificate. >> i feel very uncomfortable first of all from the the standpoint of a prior secretary of state gate keeper for all elected officials not only for president but lebleg later cities and counties, i think it's wrong. >> bill: what governor said he would sign a birther bill if it crossed his desk?
8:53 pm
the answer is gin delve louisiana. beats doocy. first time she ever played. beat you badly. >> so. matching tie didn't work for you, did it? no he tried to copy you mcdowell didn't. very good, dagen thanks for helping out tonight. embarrassment but good to see you again. pinheads and patriots in a moment starring again knit paltrow on glee. p and p is next.
8:54 pm
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8:56 pm
>> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment. tonight starring gwyneth paltrow on "glee." but first my book continues to sell very well especially the audio book. if you want signed editions to mom or dad we'll be happy to do that. check it out on we'll give you lis wiehl's new thriller free if you become a premium member. mom gets the book, you get the membership, great deal. >> now the mail: >> bill: not even close. i'm doing my job, analyzing the news. >> bill: one moment i'm
8:57 pm
propping up, the next moment i'm snickering. >> bill: let me get this straight you are comparing the wedding to the election? >> bill: i'm gonna take that dare, we'll do it monday, we'll see. [ laughing ] >> bill: very good.
8:58 pm
a milleresque line there phil. . >> bill: that will never happen while i'm in this seat, ed. >> finally the actress gwyneth paltrow, very liberal lady. she said something that caught my attention. >> we live in a culture of in s, constantly bombard with images of people who are richer and happier than us. we tear them down to feel better about ourselves. we don't stop with people on tv or magazines we do it everybody. we think because it is done anonymously, there are no ramifications. but there are ramifications guys, because it makes you comfortable with insensitivity. >> bill: i like that. some of you may disagree. is miss paltrow a pinhead or patriot for delivering those
8:59 pm
lines? >> have you been giving him decaf or something? he took a nap during the president's speech. >> he does that to me all the time. >> bill: 76% think ms. biden is a pinhead, 24% patriot. i'm in the patriot category. i thought her reply was snappy. that is it for us tonight check out the fox news factor website. we have talking points memo. spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. a lot of mail from overseas now. we like that. we are in hotels around the world now too. if you see us in a hotel overseas, give me a heads up. i want to know where you are watching. when you write to us name and town, if you wish to opine. word of the day, when writing to the factor do not be a


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